homemade tofu and boring food

October 5, 2008

I’m a bit behind, so I might be forgetting something.

Friday: tofu scramble, chili with red beans, frozen and crumbled tofu, the rest of my jalapeno, the rest of the last zucchini, 1/8 of the new bell pepper.  I also made my own tofu using vinegar as a coagulant since my nigari has not arrived yet.  It was good, but more sour than I would like, unsurprsingly.  I ate it fried with brown rice.

Saturday: toast with earth balance, plain lentils (with nutritional yeast), mashed potatoes, okara polenta, and some fresh soy milk with hazelnut syrup and a bit of vodka.  The okara polenta was disgusting, and mostly got thrown out.  I will have to try making okara tempeh in the future.

Yesterday, I made fresh soy milk, and I will make more today (a double batch) which will hopefully last until wednesday night.

I still have a lot of beans, enough to last me another week, except soybeans.

I went shopping today, and spent more than I’d hoped ($24), but mostly because I bought some expensive kitchen towels ($4.99 for two!) to try for straining soy milk and making tofu (my cheesecloth already has a hole, and besides, having to use 8 layers is ridiculous).  I got soybeans, millet, two jars of tomato sauce, and produce (winter squash, zucchini, red potatoes, a sweet potato, brussels sprouts).  I got tomato sauce instead of canned tomatoes because I need the jars to store soy milk in (and besides, I want to support Kroger labeling its store brand stuff as vegan!  Yay Kroger.).  I got millet because it was 99 cents a pound for organic, which is cheaper than any other organic grain options (rice is 1.79).  Unfortunately, since last week soybean prices went up a lot, to 1.79/lb instead of 99 cents/lb.  This means that I will probably order soybeans on the internet next month (or maybe even later this month) instead of buying at the co-op.

Also, I will retro-actively post some pictures from this week in the appropriate posts when I get around to it.  Unfortunately, cheap food is rarely pretty.

So far, this budget seems very realistic, and not even too restrictive.  This past week was a bit restrictive on produce, but that’s because I was expecting it to be harder than it was.  And I did definitely eat produce this past week, so it wasn’t even that restrictive.


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