crazy statement from hospital

August 4, 2008

So, the hospital sent me a statement of the charges they billed to my insurance company. Here it is, keeping in mind of course that this doesn’t include my surgeon’s costs; I will get a separate bill from him.

     PHARMACY                $1262.50
     STERILE SUPPLY           $316.00
     SUPPLY/IMPLANTS        $3,627.00
     LAB/CHEMISTRY            $136.00
     LAB/HEMATOLOGY           $106.00
     OR SERVICES           $18,890.00
     ANESTHESIA             $2,417.00
     DRUG/DETAIL CODE         $379.00
     RECOVERY ROOM          $4,022.00
     OBSERVATION RM           $740.00
     TOTAL                 $31,895.50

Are they serious?  Almost $19k for the OR for 5 hours?  I mean, yeah, I understand, lots of highly trained highly paid people were there, which is good, and lots of fancy equipment and all that.  But still.  That’s a lot of money.  And… $4k for the recovery room?  Dude.  I was there.  There was one nurse for four of us, and it was a TINY room, and I was only there for an hour.  That seems ridiculous to me.

Ok, so in reality I’m also paying for other people, who couldn’t pay.  But if I’m going to be paying for other people’s medical care who can’t pay for it themselves, why the fuck can’t they get some reliable service!?


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