jaw surgery food

August 2, 2008

So, what does a vegan eat after jaw surgery? As it turns out, lots of grits with follow your heart soy cheese, oatmeal, orzo (pasta I can swallow whole!? Yay!), purely decadent vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream (because I have a really good excuse to spend the money on it now!), and weird stuff like this:

Mashed potatoes with kale-lentil “gravy”

kale-lentil gravy and mashed potatoes

The mashed potatoes have yukon gold potatoes, earth balance, and soy milk, and the “gravy” has lentils, kale, nutritional yeast, veggie broth, soy milk, and sage. And this was all cooked/prepped/eaten with the use of only one pot, one bowl, one spoon, one fork, and the blender. When bending down to load/unload the dishwasher gives you a nosebleed, you tend to try to avoid that task.

blueberry smoothie (with soy yogurt; still recovering from antibiotics)

just frozen blueberries, soy yogurt, protein powder, and soy milk.g


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