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eating, and jaw surgery ramblings

July 23, 2008

I managed to chew avocado today. Yes, this is an accomplishment. (And I only managed to chew about 1/4 of my half an avocado before I gave up and mashed it, and then chewed coarsely mashed avocado.)

But, I am still very happy. My appearance hasn’t actually changed much at all–I think I still have a “weak chin”. Well, my appearance now when my jaw is in the right position hasn’t changed all that much from my appearance previously when I was pushing my jaw way forward to eat and talk. Which is not all that surprising really. Plus, I keep going “wow! My jaw! It feels like it’s in the right position! WTF?” I think it’s hard for people to imagine constantly feeling physically like your jaw is in the wrong position (because it is, not because you have some crazy body dysmorphic disorder or whatever). People think “but don’t you just get used to it? After 26 years??” The answer is no. No, you do not. Every time you try to talk or eat, your brain wants your jaw to behave in a way it is physically incapable of behaving. It’s not even that things seem difficult… they don’t really. I mean, my teeth didn’t touch, so things like biting through thin lettuce–those were difficult. But this is a different thing here. My muscles just KNOW how they’re supposed to work, and know that THIS IS WRONG. (Fortunately, as previously stated, they now feel like it’s right. MY GOD would I have been pissed if I went through all this crap and didn’t get that feeling.)

In other news, my pronunciation of r’s has changed. If you took phonetics, you might know that the american english r is actually pronounced in two indistinguishable (to the hearer) fashions (different ways by different people). The one that most people do involves the tip of their tongue curling back and touching the roof of their mouth (this is called “retroflex” because of the curling back bit). A very few people also do this thing where the tip of their tongue goes to the front of their mouth (by their teeth), and the back of their tongue comes up to make the r sound happen. I used to do the minority (non-retroflex) r. Now I naturally do the retroflex r. In the past, I had no trouble making the retroflex r when I tried, but when I just talked, non-retroflex happened. Now, retroflex happens when I just talk. Isn’t this bizarre? Over a less than 2 day period, what is “natural” has just completely changed.


I can talk!!!

July 21, 2008

Well, sort of. And I can open my mouth like half a centimeter!!! 🙂 This means I can eat very soft foods.

Also, it feels really good. I mean, it still hurts some, and I’m not 100% used to where my jaw goes, but it feels like it’s in the right place (which is something I’ve never felt before). It’s pretty awesome, even less than a week after surgery. Now I just have to worry about regression.

jaw surgery

July 20, 2008

So as pretty much everyone who reads this blog knows, on Tuesday I had orthognathic (jaw) surgery. They moved both my jaws in fun and interesting ways, and I am recovering well, but having serious trouble “eating” enough. My jaw is still “wired” shut (not actually wired–rubber-banded very tightly) so I am eating liquid foods with a syringe. Unfortunately, they have to be very liquidy in order to get through or behind my teeth, so in order to get enough calories, I have to resort to juice. And juice is too sweet for me–I feel nauseous from my breakfast of 300 calories worth of pear juice.

I also had a LOT of trouble breathing for the first few days–that’s pretty much better now though. Swelling is still pretty bad, but has gone down some. There was no bruising at first, but a little bit has started to show up as the swelling goes down–barely noticeable though. (Which is bizarre. I’m a person who bruises very, very easily usually.)

Tomorrow they are going to remove some of the rubber bands, so theoretically I will be able to eat “soft” foods! Yay! I hope this means at least I can eat mushy food like mashed potatoes and lentils, if not pasta (like they think I can).

Because I am extra-awesome, I did not take any pain meds at all. I kinda wanted to, but then I tasted them, and decided the pain wasn’t so bad after all. Also because I am extra-awesome, I have very little numbness (so hopefully that means I’ll recover full feeling in my face, which is not guaranteed).

And of course… I can’t talk. I have a whiteboard. Also David and I will probably be masters of charades after this experience. 🙂

vegan fusion philly cheese steak

July 3, 2008

So I bought some Field Roast brand deli meats. I’ve bought their sausages (which aren’t available here) and really liked them, so I figured I’d try this. It was kind of odd, but tasty. I bought the lentil sage flavor. Anyway, then I noticed some FYH cheddar in my fridge that wanted to be eaten, so I came up with this concoction. I call it vegan fusion [because there’s guacamole!] philly cheese steak. I’ve obviously never had philly cheese steak, so I have no idea how it compares (probably not at all), but it is really, really tasty.

There is half an avocado’s worth of guacamole with lime juice and salt, sauted onions, 4 slices of the deli meat, and a little bit of FYH cheddar, fried in olive oil and served on some tasty tasty whole grain bread from a local vegetarian cafe/restaurant/whatever (Benevolence Cafe).