Morocco, and lots of food.

June 3, 2008

As … probably everybody reading this knows,  I was in Morocco last week at a conference.  It went well, and you can see tons of pictures with comments on my flickr page, if you like (skip past the food photos).  I also have a ton of food to share.

Tonight, I made veganyumyum’s sweet chili lime tofu, except I substituted kale, and didn’t actually measure anything:

I thought the lime kind of overpowered the kale, but perhaps it’s better with collards.  …also I really like the subtle flavor of kale, so it’s probably more important to me.

Also, scones from VWAV, added ad-libbed raspberry sauce and vanilla to the scone batter:

and broccoli soup:

This is the first time I’ve made it exclusively with nutritional yeast instead of any manufactured cheese substitute (there was, of course, tasty tasty earth balance, though).  It turned out really well that way.  Not sure I’d be happy making it for non-vegans though…


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