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boring dinner.

June 29, 2008

This is the dinner I have like every day when I’m not feeling creative.  Some version of chili, with some things from the following list: rice, polenta, guacamole, salsa, tomato, green onion.  Tonight, it was chili with kidney beans, tempeh, onion, jalapeno, and yellow squash, with guacamole and fresh salsa.


Ok, seriously people…

June 22, 2008

What the hell is this thing???

Ok, ok. It’s clearly some sort of centipede or millipede, what with all the creepy legs. Centipede, since it only has one creepy pair of legs per body segment. Click for a larger image if you want to confirm that. But the more important question here is…


Googling told me that it probably won’t kill me or Elephant, and besides it seems mostly interested in staying the hell away from me anyway, so I’m leaving it alone for now. But this is a really fucking creepy bug. Especially since it moves so fast that I couldn’t capture it under a jar for deportation. Just saying.

black forest cupcakes!

June 20, 2008

Last week Thursday, David let me know that on Friday there was some picnic thing at work that I was supposed to/allowed to attend with him. Since I did actually want to be able to eat SOMEthing there, I immediately started making potato salad and cupcakes to bring. I had some dried cherries, so I decided to go for black forest cupcakes. (The potato salad was just my normal potato salad, which will show up here at some point, but which is similar to Vegan Dad’s–and no I can’t be troubled to find his post with potato salad, so use google or something if you care.) Everything got eaten (the cupcakes had the “has alcohol” bonus to offset the “vegan” penalty).

Anyway, on with the cupcakes!

I mostly followed the recipe from VCTOTW, but I used dried cherries instead of frozen (and added some water to make up for that, as well as cooking them for a bit longer–until they were soft and plump), and I used the hazelnut cupcakes, with 1/3 cup flour subbed with dutch processed cocoa powder.

I used the hazelnut cupcakes because my Oma (who is german and lives in the black forest) makes black forest cake with at least half hazelnut meal instead of flour. I was somewhat unhappy with how the cake part turned out–it was very tasty, but not nearly as dense and rich as I’d like. Inauthentic. This is partially because I think there needs to be more hazelnut meal than the VCTOTW recipe calls for, and partially because Oma uses melted chocolate, not cocoa powder. In the future, I will experiment with more hazelnut meal, and then possibly with melted chocolate. OR I’ll just call Oma and ask her for her recipe (which I used to have, but lost). 🙂

Oh, also, I added 2tbs kirschwasser to the buttercream frosting (in addition to the other liquids, not instead of anything). I liked the way the buttercream came out better with a bit more liquid, and the kirschwasser I got was very, very weak, so the flavor was still subtle. Probably if you’re using real kirschwasser, you should go with 1 tbs and then 1 tbs extra of soy milk or creamer. (Really I used 1tbs and halved the frosting recipe–half the frosting recipe was enough for 20 cupcakes; yes, 20, each batch only made 10 cupcakes for me. Half a frosting recipe would probably cover 24 cupcakes if you’re a bit stingy and actually manage to get all the frosting into the pastry bag.) I also doused the cake part with kirschwasser instead of making the kirsch glaze, because that’s what Oma does. (Since I was bringing them to an Air Force official function, I did not douse them in nearly as much kirschwasser as Oma uses, though. )

Lastly, as you may have guessed, I used kirschwasser, even though the recipe calls for kirsch brandy. Not really sure what the difference is or if there’s even a real difference, but what Oma uses is labeled “kirschwasser”, so I went with it. (Literal translation is “cherry water,” but obviously it is alcoholic.)

Morocco, and lots of food.

June 3, 2008

As … probably everybody reading this knows,  I was in Morocco last week at a conference.  It went well, and you can see tons of pictures with comments on my flickr page, if you like (skip past the food photos).  I also have a ton of food to share.

Tonight, I made veganyumyum’s sweet chili lime tofu, except I substituted kale, and didn’t actually measure anything:

I thought the lime kind of overpowered the kale, but perhaps it’s better with collards.  …also I really like the subtle flavor of kale, so it’s probably more important to me.

Also, scones from VWAV, added ad-libbed raspberry sauce and vanilla to the scone batter:

and broccoli soup:

This is the first time I’ve made it exclusively with nutritional yeast instead of any manufactured cheese substitute (there was, of course, tasty tasty earth balance, though).  It turned out really well that way.  Not sure I’d be happy making it for non-vegans though…