my students. they make my brain hurt.

May 12, 2008

Why, how, WHY does this always happen???

Students.  They turn in homeworks, where their answers are clearly copied and pasted from eclipse.  (Which is ok.  Good even!  I encourage running homework problems to check that they work!)  But how the hell do they have syntax errors?  Did they not NOTICE the red underlinies?  Why even bother writing in eclipse if you’re not going to run it or check syntax errors, anyway???

Are they copying and pasting and then adding in syntax errors just to screw with me, to see if I’ll notice?

It doesn’t really matter.  But it makes my brain hurt.  Why???  (Seriously.  If you have some guess as to why they do this, I’d like to hear it.  This happens all the time.)


4 Responses to “my students. they make my brain hurt.”

  1. pinksocks Says:

    i am happy to find that you have an outlet in the form of this blog…..
    lets wait and appreciate all the hard work that goes in the copy and pasting….well i also know that the one who copies need to be more smart…but that comes with age dosent it.
    dont we all copy some one in the work we do or even the life we lead….
    lets think about it….. 🙂

  2. hecateluna Says:

    Hi. Who are you?

    I think you misunderstood a little… it’s not that they are copying answers. Eclipse is an IDE (integrated development environment) where they can write code and run it to test it very easily. It also gives you little red underlinies for errors (like MS Word does for spelling errors). So they’re writing their own code in Eclipse, but not using any of the functionality which makes that a better option than writing in a word processor (error highlighting, running to see if it works). If you’re not going to use any of the extra features provided by eclipse, why even open it, and bother copying and pasting, rather than writing in the word processor where you’re writing the rest of your answers to the homework??

  3. pinksocks Says:

    well…i am sorry to write a comment in ur blog….
    i didnt mean to offend you nor irritate.
    i do get your point now.
    good luck

  4. hecateluna Says:

    Um. I don’t know why you’re apologizing. Obviously you’re allowed to post comments, or I wouldn’t make it public.

    I was just wondering who you are, since generally only people I know bother reading.

    The people who I know generally read (probably) would have understood the post without more explanation, which is why I didn’t bother explaining more. It’s not that I minded explaining, once I knew there was someone reading who didn’t understand.

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