April 30, 2008

Let me just say OH NOES!!!!! I HAVE GREY HAIRS! At least 6 by now. Did I mention, I am only 25 years old?? Look at this! (You can actually kind of see it if you click for a larger view.)

Yes I know. You can barely see it, if you can see it at all. I can assure you, this is a new grey hair (in addition to the several others I already had).

Here’s another, that you really can’t see at all. (But it’s a pretty picture. So I’m posting it anyway. So there. Try and stop me. You’re just jealous because you don’t have pretty red hair for at least another year and a half before it all goes grey.)

Actually, I kind of like the grey hairs for the time being.  I think they’re neat.  I’m not sure I’ll feel the same when they get to be noticeable though.


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