I suck…

November 4, 2007

at blogging.

However, I finally have things to say. First, Elephant broke my TV. This is the second time he’s knocked it onto the floor. The first time, I discovered that not only was my TV pretty damn resilient, but so is my third XBOX 360 (the first two died within a week, of course), on which the TV came crashing down. Anyway, this time, the TV still sort of worked, but with funny-looking picture and no audio, so I gave it away on craigslist and canceled my cable. I figure I’ll be a lot more productive without TV anyway (but with the whole watching TV on the internet thing, who knows… at least I can reduce my commercial-viewing time).

At some point, though, I’ll buy a new TV… anyone have any advice on TV-buying? I looked at prices and decided it wasn’t worth it to me to have a TV right now, but in a year or so, I’m going to want one. I don’t want anything huge (the broken TV was 24″, and that was a bit small, but reasonable for me), but beyond that, I have no idea. Also maybe I should think about the future… if I get an ok-quality TV, maybe I should go on the larger side of my preferences, so it’ll still be a good TV when I have a real apartment or house. Or maybe I should go on the smaller side and use it as a bedroom TV in the future. I like the idea of an LCD TV because it’ll be easier to move, I suppose. Also I like things that don’t take up much space. My brain has no idea what it wants. I guess I have a long time to figure it out though, and it’s only a TV.

In more important news, I have decided to stay in Ohio. There’s a new faculty member who does Information Retrieval (sorta like what google does), which is pretty interesting stuff, and I like her research direction(s), so I’m going to try working with her, and we’ll see how that goes (and whether she loves me enough to want me as a student… šŸ™‚ )

It kind of sucks for David… and for me, because of David, but I’m really afraid that if I leave, I’m never going to come back, and I really would like to get a PhD. I mean, just the thought of having to do quals somewhere would be a huge inhibition to going back, and I’m done with that here. We’ll see how it goes.


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