September 21, 2007

Well, my life just got a little more stressful. As if it wasn’t stressful enough already. I learned yesterday that my adviser is leaving, as soon as the end of this quarter. I don’t blame her–her husband has been living 12 or so hours away for the past 9 months (or so), and it’s clear that she doesn’t like it here to begin with.

However, this is rather inconvenient for me. I have two real options: start over with a new adviser, doing something I’m less excited about, or try to get them to let me out with a masters now-ish. (I have all the credits for one!) I think I’m going with the latter, but it’s stressful. And the trying to get them to let me part, also stressful. It’s not like they make it clear at all how one goes about it, since, you know, they don’t actually want anyone to do it. Argh.

But at least I’ll get to be with David a lot sooner. Like 5 months! Yay! And I don’t at all think I’d mind a real-world job.


2 Responses to “argh.”

  1. Histy Says:

    You can totally do this. You’re super-smart, and organised, and there are other people around who have their masters who could probably give you good advice.

    5 months early! This could turn out to be a great thing! :^D

  2. hecateluna Says:

    That wasn’t clear… I didn’t mean five months early… I meant five months from now. I was going for a PhD, which would be done three years from now (David’s out of the air force in a year and nine months).

    Getting a masters instead of a PhD could be a good thing, but it’s not as awesome as getting out early with the degree I wanted. 🙂

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