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September 21, 2007

Well, my life just got a little more stressful. As if it wasn’t stressful enough already. I learned yesterday that my adviser is leaving, as soon as the end of this quarter. I don’t blame her–her husband has been living 12 or so hours away for the past 9 months (or so), and it’s clear that she doesn’t like it here to begin with.

However, this is rather inconvenient for me. I have two real options: start over with a new adviser, doing something I’m less excited about, or try to get them to let me out with a masters now-ish. (I have all the credits for one!) I think I’m going with the latter, but it’s stressful. And the trying to get them to let me part, also stressful. It’s not like they make it clear at all how one goes about it, since, you know, they don’t actually want anyone to do it. Argh.

But at least I’ll get to be with David a lot sooner. Like 5 months! Yay! And I don’t at all think I’d mind a real-world job.



September 19, 2007

David was moving last weekend.  His old apartment, well, let’s say, isn’t very secure.  (The back door doesn’t even lock.)  So his apartment was robbed mid-move.  They took his computer, his TV, his roommate’s fiancee’s engagement ring, some expensive miniatures, and a bunch of odds and ends that I have no idea why they wanted (a cheap tent, some sun block, two laundry baskets, etc.).

All that wouldn’t be so odd… except they came back.  Twice.  The second time, they took extra odds and ends.  The THIRD time……..  they returned stuff.  Only two things that we know of: a folder which contained some papers for a roleplaying game (valuable to us, not so much to them), and ONE of the seven beers they took. (They liked the guinness, the schlafly pilsner, not so much, apparently.)  They also spraypainted stuff, but very kindly only painted over posters, not actually on the walls.  WEIRDness.

Anyway, since they took David’s computer, he needs a new one.  So, because he loves me very very much and I’ve been wanting a laptop forever, he is taking my computer, and I get a very very shiny ThinkPad X61.  My main demand was that the laptop be extremely light, which it is (3.11 lbs), but it’s pretty shiny in other ways (not so much in  battery life….).  It’s SHINY!  I get it next week.  And then have to drive to see David again and give him my computer.  Or mail him the laptop temporarily.