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Everything that’s wrong with America, or not

August 29, 2007

Title stolen from this post at Feministe, which is about the video of Miss Teen South Carolina USA that I’m assuming everyone has seen by now.

What’s completely shocking to me here is the response of feminist blogs (and their commenters). I expect various stupid people on the internet, radio personalities, your average misogynist American, to make fun of the girl, to insult her intelligence, to use the “dumb blonde” stereotype, either explicitly or implicity. I do not however, expect commenters at Pandagon to use words like “moron,” “dumb,” or describe her performance as “an indictment of our education system” (just to pick a few). To be fair, the commenters at Feministe aren’t that bad (yet) , but I’m not happy with what I see at Feministing, either.

I want to briefly respond to the idiocy of insulting her intelligence, but what I’d really like to do is respond to the more subtle problems I see at Feministe, where people aren’t acting like blatant assholes. So, if anyone would bother to do a simple google search and read her bio, they’d know that she’s not just a beauty pageant queen. She plays soccer. She does graphic design. From other sources, she’s a good student, at a good high school (Lexington HS, for the record, is one of the better public schools in South Carolina–I was beaten at many academic competitions once upon a time by honors students from Lexington, which is what she is). Yes, she models too. She’s pretty. She uses the system. And she tried to use the system to get a scholarship from a beauty pageant. So what? Since when does that mean she’s fair game for “feminists” to attack?

Having said that, there are some slightly more complex issues. Read the rest of this entry »