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April 6, 2007

…I passed. JUST barely. So, yay me. And infinite thanks to my advisor for standing up for me.

I have NO IDEA how I managed to do worse this time than last time. Maybe the drugs are affecting my head more than I know. I felt like I did so well. If they let me, I’m going to look at the exams and see if I did some really stupid stuff, or if there’s something I just don’t get, or what. Bleh. (And bleh at me for being unhappy and worried EVEN THOUGH I PASSED, and it’s OVER FOREVER.)


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April 5, 2007

Well, I’ve been teaching for two weeks now. It’s crazy. I mean, I actually like it, and I don’t think I’m awful at it. But it’s just bizarre to have to explain these concepts that have always seemed so trivial to me. I mean, when I took my intro programming class, everything I learned seemed trivial. However, fortunately I am finding that explaining things in the way I understand them works reasonably well–since I often have to put extra “translation into Darla-speak” effort into understanding the way many other people in engineering/computer science talk and the way they think about things, I thought maybe it would be a problem. But nope, they’re the crazy ones! Yay me.

Also, my drugs. I’m on drugs. ….the prescribed kind. The nice friendly doctor doesn’t think I need any more (I mean, any higher dosage, I still am supposed to take them). Which is pretty cool.

Also, I find out about quals tomorrow evening. ….stupid waiting. Grr. And stupid not being able to drink because of drugs. Grr.

And lastly, I’m going through some stupid-ness with the gaming club. So, they (advisor, other people, whoever) tricked me into being treasurer over a year ago. So now I’ve sort of become invested in making sure the club doesn’t die out. Which is really fucking hard, since no one else seems to care (except one person, who is trying, but he’s really, really busy). It would be nice if someone said “Yeah, I’ll find a way to put in the hour of effort and go to training so that you can reserve meeting space and therefore be able to recruit members!” Because members. Important! …anyway. I think it’ll be resolved, but it’s annoying. Plus, man, I do NOT WANT TO PLAY WHITE WOLF ANYMORE. ARGH!!!

That is all.