March 15, 2007

Ok, this is too funny to not post. This is what happens when my sister learns that my husband’s new cell phone is pink. (Maybe it’s only funny to my odd sense of humor–but hey, since I’m the only person reading this… that’s ok!) Yay for random interviews of family members! (As a side note, it is absolutely imperative that you all visit, right away. You won’t be disappointed.) (Entire conversation after the break.)

NazgulBane (9:59:44 PM): You like _pink_?

Superbook17 (10:00:40 PM): Yes

Superbook17 (10:00:51 PM): Especially magenta or neon

NazgulBane (10:01:14 PM): wow.

NazgulBane (10:01:24 PM): So, tell me. How does
it feel to like pink?

NazgulBane (10:01:34 PM): Does its not-so-subtle
evil creep into your soul as you sleep?

Superbook17 (10:01:39 PM): plus theres the whole
entertainment factor with pink being a gendered color
and all. But I’ve always liked pink, even before I knew I
wasn’t supposed to.

Superbook17 (10:01:45 PM): lol

Superbook17 (10:01:51 PM): Yes. Yes it does

NazgulBane (10:01:56 PM): Or is it sudden, all
at once, a realization that the evil is a
part of you as you realize you like it?

NazgulBane (10:03:01 PM): And how have your
friends reacted to your revelation that
pink is a color that you like? However
dangerous it may be?

Superbook17 (10:03:19 PM): umm? I’m not sure?

Superbook17 (10:03:27 PM): I don’t have lots of pink
things or anything

Superbook17 (10:03:32 PM): My roomate has a pink DS

Superbook17 (10:03:53 PM): so I guess he at least doesn’t
find it that weird

NazgulBane (10:04:01 PM): And is your roommate’s
name Lucifer, AKA Satan, by chance?

Superbook17 (10:04:04 PM): My friend Rich wears pink
shirts occasionally

Superbook17 (10:04:22 PM): No, but he does meow alot.
And everyone knows cats are evil

Superbook17 (10:05:03 PM): Now when I told them about
my pink underwear.. they reacted to that 🙂

NazgulBane (10:05:17 PM): So perhaps one could
say that the evil of pink is in fact tied
to a variety of other evils, and in fact,
you may be living in a _den_ of evil?

Superbook17 (10:05:43 PM): Yes.. its almost certainly
hiding something under the piles of pizza boxes

NazgulBane (10:06:46 PM): Have passersby
mentioned any kind of aura coming from the
room, perhaps a feeling of dread,
drearyness, or pure unbridled EVIL?

Superbook17 (10:06:57 PM): well theres a bit of a smell

Superbook17 (10:07:12 PM): but I mostly attribute that to
my attitude towards laundry/cleaning

NazgulBane (10:07:46 PM): What do you see as the
results of the evil of pink and its related
evils over time? Do you expect the very
fundamental nature of your room to change
over time, or perhaps that it will not be
much of an issue?

Superbook17 (10:09:41 PM): I think its too late for that

NazgulBane (10:09:59 PM): Oh?

Superbook17 (10:10:05 PM): Any pink related evil has had
more than enough time to sink in

Superbook17 (10:10:25 PM): I suspect its what made me
decide to learn Lisp

NazgulBane (10:10:46 PM): I see, and have you
noticed yourself considering learning any
other evil things because of pink?

NazgulBane (10:11:53 PM): sacrificial rituals,
summoning demons, eating babies, you know,
the usual?

Superbook17 (10:12:05 PM): Well. They won’t let me eat
the kitty.

NazgulBane (10:12:10 PM): I see.

Superbook17 (10:12:50 PM):
sacrifice it in the name of science

NazgulBane (10:13:10 PM): Well, David, thank you
so much for your input on the subject of
pink today. I am sure this interview will
prove invaluable to society’s understanding
of pink and its evils. I know you are busy,
but I have one more thing to say to you.

NazgulBane (10:13:31 PM): You have been pink’d!

Superbook17 (10:13:50 PM): is that an ashton kutcher


6 Responses to “pink’d”

  1. Low-Key Says:

    First of all I win first comment ever yay me. This award is mine and can never be taken from me. Victory for me!!!

    Now on to business…

    I think your sister is a witch.

    She has some kind of obsession with evil, and she is linking it to pink of all things. I think she is trying to subtly make evil more acceptable. Also “pink’d” a reference to a pop culture show based on practical jokes? Is she trying to imply that all of it was an elaborate hoax, or disguise her true purpose and relax your defenses?

    You may want to verify this, but should I be right I think you know what you have to do.

    (Keep in mind many other evil things could be wanting to spread evil as well, witch is just an easy stand-by appropriate counter measures will vary)

  2. Orez Niap Says:

    Oooh.. we could set up one of those traps with the bucket on the door.

    And dye the water pink!

    If she melts then we know she was a witch.

  3. cPip Says:

    Why don’t we just burn her?

    Or see if she floats? (What ELSE floats?)

  4. NazgulBane Says:

    Low Key – are you also Low Key on Penny Arcade forums?

    If so – you are at least as witchy as I am.

    I rest my case. In a bonfire.

    A pink bonfire.

  5. Orez Niap Says:

    Fat people float? Oh and those little rubber inner tubes. Those float.

  6. Low-Key Says:

    No I am not this PA fellow, although I am not opposed to burning the pretender.

    I think weighing against an inner tube won’t work, people won’t be able to decide on the size of the inner tube. The pink water intrigues me though. It would almost certain have an effect, but it COULD just make her stronger….

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