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February 5, 2007

I’m depressed, and bored, and I don’t have anything to post about. I’ve “officially” decided to lose 20-30 lbs before my wedding (Aug 25, giving me over 6 months, which means at minimum less than 4 lbs per month, which is less than a pound a week–that’s reasonable). Consequently, I’m eating my two oranges for lunch. (Ok, I’m lying… the sad lunch isn’t for the dieting, it’s because I was too damn lazy/depressed to wash the pot my dishwasher didn’t get clean last night, so I couldn’t make anything.)

I so just want to go home and go get some supplies, and paint. Or draw. Or failing that, write. I really hate my life that doesn’t allow that kind of creativity right now.

On the plus side, my scale told me this morning that I’ve already lost a pound. The first five or ten are easy though… blah. I hate worrying about this crap.


My very first post.

February 2, 2007

This is my very first post on my shiny new blog. I’ve tried to keep a blog before, and failed. However, recently I’ve been coming up with things to say, and thinking “Gee, I should put that somewhere!” but had nowhere to put it. Maybe I’ll successfully put it here. Maybe. We’ll see.